Sustainable Music Factory musical instruments

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sustainability with Art and Diatonic Musical Instruments made with Recycled Materials

for motivated and smarter kids

Sustainable Music Factory workshops
which might work at your centre.
There is a connection to art and history, too.

Kids from 7-12 learn how manufacture tuned musical instruments, from recycled materials, using digital orchestral-tuning devices, powered by earth-friendlier, revived batteries. After making their artistic/creative fully-tuned instruments, which operate over the diatonic scale, they will perform a concert using their own instruments, with either comical or classical flair. Solar-powered stress meters will be used before and after the concert.

No previous musical knowledge is required.

Time required: 6-10 hours total, over several sessions. Kids will be asked to research the history of musical instruments between sessions. With sufficient hours attended, each student will have a complete set of instruments capable of playing Human Carillon concerts, and be able to lead a group.

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